Videos and Zoom Opportunities

Care For Caregivers with Cathy Wurzer and Dr. Jessica Zitter

Creating Caring Communities: Five Things You Can Do
Learn about mental illnesses, the impact of negative attitudes and five things each of us can do to make Minnesota a better place for people who experience a mental illness. This one-hour class is for any community or organization interested in learning about mental illnesses and helping to change attitudes towards mental illnesses.

Five Mental Health Tips for Families
NAMI Moments are 15-30 minute presentations about a topic related to mental health and the current COVID-19 pandemic. These 5 mental health tips can help promote mental health and wellness for everyone in your household during these times.

Gray Matters: Understanding Anxiety in Older Adults
Learn symptoms and risk factors of anxiety disorders in older adults, the different types of anxiety disorders, treatment and management and resources to support older adults living with anxiety. This is a one and one-half hour program.

Self Care & Mindfulness
Join us to talk about ways that you can practice self care and mindfulness and learn some quick tips that can have benefits for your health.

Wellness Series: Physical Activity
Get up and move with us! Come learn how physical activity can benefit your mental health. Learn tips and tricks that can help you incorporate mindfulness into your home workout!

The National Alliance for Mental Illness - Minnesota offers a wide selection of high quality videos discussing many aspects of mental health. Click the button below to find more resources from NAMI!