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Services provided rely on a dedicated and selfless group of volunteers

We recruit and support volunteers throughout our service area who provide neighborly help to others living in their neighborhood.  This “neighbor to neighbor” approach builds on trusting relationships, and links older adults to the community.

There is no minimum time you must commit to volunteer with us. You complete an application and tell us what services best suit your own experiences and abilities. Then you will be called upon and you decide if you are available at that time to help out. If so, we line you up with the assignment; if not we will call on you again sometime. We try to have our volunteers serve in their own neighborhoods; however, most volunteers are willing to drive for out of town medical appointments such as to Willmar, Montevideo, Marshall, and Minneapolis to help someone out. Out of town mileage is paid to the volunteer.  You can state your preferences as to where and when you want to serve. As you might expect we do have a screening process that includes a background check. This is a fairly standard procedure you would find when volunteering with any organization.

Please consider sharing your time with us!  You may find it helpful to stop by our office to visit further about volunteer opportunities.

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